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Customized Treatment Plans Available
Pest Control

 This treatment option covers both the interior and exterior of your property, including attached garage. liquid barriers will be applied to the baseboards on all levels, upper corners, exposed ban joists, exposed seal boxes and any other conducive areas. liquid barriers will be applied to the exterior foundation, 2 foot swath of soil, corner posts, portions of sofit, lighting, over hangs, window & door frames and any other conducive environment around the structure. All of our residential plans include (interior) rodent control. We offer plans ranging from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly to semi-annual. 

Industrial Building

A must-have for businesses who want to maintain a pest-free and healthy work environment. Our commercial plans are highly customizable. Pro-Tech Pest Services can take care of your entire facility or portions of your facility. When it comes to commercial accounts we build a plan off of the information we receive during the initial inspection process. 

Front Door

Exterior perimeter spray of your home along the foundation, doors, and windows, which can be entry points for insects. Pro-Tech Pest Services always uses environmentally friendly control measures on the exterior of any property. All of our products are weather resistant. 98% of the active ingredients are contained in a microscopic polymer slowing the product degradation process down, protecting the environment and your health. This also maximizes pest protection for our customers. 

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